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With the Emplysight HR Analytics platform, you gain useful insights in your employees. Emplysight helps all HR departments, wherever they are in their analytical journey.
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Emplysight Platform

The Emplysight Platform is a cloud-based HR Analytics Platform that enables your company to get a better insight in the employees. By focussing on four key components of HR, Workforce Planning, Mobility & Retention, Succession Management and Productivity & Satisfaction, Emplysight ensures a holistic (analytical) view of your employees.


Click on each point in the timeline to get a better understanding of the steps towards better employee insights with the Emplysight platform.

Strategic Workforce Planning
  1. HR Analytics Demo

    Your HR Analytics journey with Emplysight starts with a free demo. This demo will show you the different functionalities of the platform and gives you insight in the possibilities. During this demo, Emplysight will demonstrate how your HR Analytics questions can be answered.

  2. Proof of Concept

    During this phase Emplysight will work together with your company to set up the HR Analytics Platform. One of the four solutions will be chosen to start with and to get the first concrete insights. Furthermore, during this phase a first attempt to (automatically) consolidate the data will be done.

  3. Implementation and Customization

    After the Proof of Concept, the other Emplysight solutions will be deployed (either in the cloud or on-premise). Depending on your specific needs, extra features or even whole modules can be built during this phase.

  4. Better Insight in Your Employees

    After the Implementation & Customization phase, the Emplysight platform is fully deployed to your needs and you will have a much better insight in your employees as a result of that. Your company will of course receive all the support needed with the HR Analytics platform to help you with gathering all the insights.



The platform is deployed in the cloud, but can also be deployed on-premise


Fully secured environment and the ability to anonymize your data (to comply with GDPR)


Stunning visualizations that can instantly be downloaded and shared with other employees


Platform that really focuses on HR Analytics (and not reporting), making use of advanced analytics techniques such as Machine Learning


Emplysight takes care of the data transfer from your HR systems to the platform and can perform data validation checks


Emplysight can fully customize the platform to your specific needs and extend the capabilities to answer all your HR questions