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Recruitment Funnel - Emplysight HR Analytics

Best Ways To Use Recruitment Funnel For HR Analytics

When hiring a new employee, you will go through a couple of stages before a final hiring decision is made and the employee joins the organization. All of these stages combined form the recruitment funnel. This recruitment funnel is a good way to start with analyzing the success of hiring and many recruitment metrics can be derived from this recruitment funnel.


Stages of the recruitment funnel

  • Applications: This is when candidates enter the funnel. At this stage candidates become aware of the job opening through one of your recruitment channels. They apply to the job opening (or not).
  • Screening: This is the part where you identify and screen the potential candidates that have applied to the specific role. You then decide whether the candidates are qualified or not. The qualified candidates go further in the funnel to the Selection stage.
  • Selection: This is the stage where the interviews are held. Based on the number of interviews this stage can be divided into different parts. You can for example have a stage for selecting candidates after the assessment stage, after the first interview et cetera.
  • Hiring: When a candidate has passed all the different selection stages, you will extend him or her an offer. The candidate can then still decline this offer. If the candidate is happy with the offer and accepts the offer and the terms of employment have been agreed on, the hiring process is completed.
Recruitment Funnel - Emplysight

Recruitment Funnel – Emplysight Platform


So, what does the recruitment funnel tell you about your hiring process?

The recruitment funnel visualizes the most important recruitment metrics in a very easy way. This makes analyzing these recruitment metrics straightforward. Very important recruitment metrics that can be derived from the recruitment funnel are the following:



Time To Fill:
The recruitment metric Time To Fill is arguably the most important recruitment metric out there. This metric refers to the time it takes to find and hire a new candidate. This is most often measured by the number of days between announcing a job opening and eventually hiring the candidate. The recruitment metric can be used for business planning, as it gives a realistic view of how long it takes to attract a new employee.

You should aim to minimize the time to fill recruitment metric, as this has many advantages for you as a company and also for your candidates. Your company can get the best candidates and it makes succession planning easier. The candidate benefits from a lower time to fill as unnecessary waiting time is avoided. This can improve the candidate experience tremendously.

Time In Stage X:
Besides Time To Fill, you can also dive more into the different stages in the recruitment funnel. You can for instance see which stage takes the longest and therefore find out where the bottle-neck is within your recruitment process. So, this recruitment metric helps you optimizing the recruitment funnel and eventually minimizing your Time To Fill.


Applications Stage:

Visitors vs Applications:
Depending on your sourcing channels, you can compare the number of visitors with the number of applications you receive. By looking at the ratio of Visitors to Applications, you can see if many potential candidates convert to applicants or not.

Applicant Drop-Off Rate:
Do many applicants not make it to the end of your application process? And when do they drop off? Do more applicants drop off on mobile compared to desktop? These questions can be answered by deep-diving into the drop-off rate. By monitoring this recruitment metric, you can gain insights in your applicants and you can deep-dive in to the numbers to find the reasons for dropping off from the application process.

Application Stage - Recruitment Funnel


Screening Stage:

Qualified Candidates vs Screened Candidates:
The number of qualified candidates gives you information about the number of candidates that you deem qualified for the job. By comparing this number to the number of screened candidates, you can conclude whether the applications that you received are of high quality. If this is not the case, so if the ratio of qualified candidates to screened candidates is low, you should start deep-diving into the different sourcing channels. It could be the case that some sourcing channels bring in much higher quality applications than other sourcing channels. This recruitment metric could therefore optimize your sourcing channel mix and eventually the recruitment funnel.


Selection Stage:

Candidates Passed Interview X:
When entering the selection stage, you could look at the different mini-stages. You could start looking at for example the number of candidates that got through the assessment, through the first round and through the final round. Another possibility is to look at the ratios between these numbers. If the ratio between candidates entering the selection stage and passing the final round is close to 1, this could mean that the selection process is maybe too simple for the candidates.


Hiring Stage:

Offer Acceptance Rate:
When looking at the offer acceptance rate, you compare the number of candidates who accepted the job offer from your company with the number of candidates who received an offer. The formula for the offer acceptance rate is:

Offer Acceptance Rate - Recruitment Metric

When this number is too low, it indicates that there is something off in your recruitment funnel.

A lot of things could be the issue here. It’s possible that the candidate is not happy with the proposed salary or benefits. It can also be the case that they don’t like the culture of the company. Or maybe they have found a better offer elsewhere. When deep-diving into the reasons for declining the offer, you can start changing the parts within your recruitment funnel to get this number up.

Tip: If the number one reason applicants reject your offer is the salary and you can’t compete financially, try to think of something else you can offer them. It may be possible to give them extra holidays or free lunch on Fridays.

Hiring Stage - Recruitment Funnel



Another possibility is to look at the different ratios within the recruitment funnel. So, you could look at:

  • Number of Applications : Number of Candidates Screened
  • Applications : Number of Candidates Selected
  • Applications : Number of Candidates Hired
  • et cetera.

Interactive Recruitment Funnel

When analyzing the recruitment funnel and combining this with the usage of the recruitment metrics, you will most probably want to deep-dive into certain areas. It is very useful to get an overall view of the recruitment funnel of the company, but you may be interested how this deviates between the different business lines. Another possibility is to look at the difference between male and female. It could for example be the case that the ratio Number of Applications : Number of Candidates Hired is much higher for males than for females. In those cases, you can start a discussion with the hiring managers in order to get to the bottom of this.

Emplysight provides all of this flexibility in its platform. The platform can show you every recruitment funnel from your organization that you would like to analyze. Furthermore, it is also very intuitive to compare different recruitment funnels with each other and to deep-dive into the different stages within the recruitment funnel.

This video shows how Emplysight embedded the recruitment funnel in their platform:


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